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by Carrie Swails

Beeswax & Wildflower Herbal Salve

Beeswax & Wildflower Herbal Salve

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None of your Beeswax Skincare straight from the Second Breakfast Hives & Garden

Herbal Salve produced with beeswax and wildflower-infused oils

  • Rejuvenate dry and cracked skin with beeswax and infused sweet almond oil with calendula, plantain, and comfrey to seal in moisture and protect the skin
      • Donate $1 to autistic-led organizations with every product purchased

      Size: Approximately 3 oz

      Ingredients: Calendula, plantain, and comfrey infused sweet almond oil, beeswax, and rose geranium essential oil

      Beeswax & Honey Skincare

      Enjoy body balms, lip balms, salves, scrubs, and body butters straight from the Second Breakfast Hives & Garden. Each batch is uniquely crafted, so please allow for natural variations in your skincare products. Beeswax and honey skincare products are free from stabilizers and preservatives, but are more likely to melt when exposed to high temperatures. To ensure your skincare products perform at their best follow directions for safe use.

      Directions for Safe Use

      Prolong the life of your beeswax and honey skincare products by washing hands before use to keep product fresh and clean. Store skincare products in a cool dry place and do not leave them in a car or other hot location. A hot location may lead to melted product. If this happens, place your product in the freezer for a few hours and it should solidify again. Skincare products are best used within 6 months of purchase.

      Occasionally a white substance will form on beeswax products with time. This happens due to the melting point of beeswax and can occur with temperature changes. Simply remove from product, or reheat product safely to remelt.

      Beeswax and honey skincare products look and smell delicious, but please do not eat them.


      Donate $1 to autistic-led organizations with every soap purchased. Help provide community, support, and resources for autistic women and all others of marginalized genders. With your purchase you support disability and gender diverse organizations run by actually autistic people.

      Environmentally Friendly

      Help fight climate change by purchasing local sustainably-produced skincare products with environmentally-friendly compostable packaging. You can compost or recycle every part of the packaging, even the tape. Your purchase prevents the use of plastic packaging, which accounts for 40% of total plastic usage today.


      Use common sense and caution when using skincare products. Keep skincare products out of your eyes and other sensitive areas. Test on small area of skin before using all over your body. If irritation occurs, discontinue use. Please read ingredients carefully if you have allergies or sensitive skin.

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